Hi, I’m Shayla Cherry.  (Yes, that’s my real name.  Yes, I realize that the career choices suggested by this name are limited to stripper or kindergarten teacher.  Let’s move on.)

I’ve been following various travel blogs for a while (and dreaming of my own adventures since I was old enough to have some concept of the future), biding my time until I was ready to start my own.  But it will be two or three years before I can wander the globe as freely as I would like, and patience isn’t something I’ve ever had a great deal of (unless I’m with someone under five, in which case my patience is more or less infinite).

So why not start now?

I’ve started this blog for a number of reasons: to try my hand at travel writing, learn to work a basic site (I’m technologically incompetent), and to help me focus on where I am right now.  I pour far too much time and energy into thoughts of the future, focusing on where I hope to be in five years rather than making the most of the present.  I sit waiting for my life to begin, only vaguely aware of the fact that it’s passing me by.

Anyway, that’s the main reason for this site.  To give me that extra push to focus on wherever I am at the moment, experiencing everything I can in San Diego or Costa Rica or Santa Cruz instead of just biding my time until I can wander the world.  I’ll be writing about past and current travel experiences, honing my craft and trying to experience as much as I can wherever I am. 


Where I’ve Been


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