The Happiest Place on Earth

2 Sep

No, not Disneyland.

I’ve arrived in Costa Rica, which tops the Happy Planet Index of countries, its citizens reporting the highest life satisfaction of any country.  So, arguably, I’ve arrived in the happiest place on Earth.

I flew in late last night, and the view from the airplane was breathtaking; the softly lit cities were a far cry from the bright grids of light that one usually sees coming into an airport.  The round golden lights form meandering lines through the country, occasionally coming together in irregular clumps.  They’re interspersed with whiter lights that look positively green from the air.

I’m just getting settled in, spending the morning with my host mother, her three-year-old granddaughter and her one-year-old grandson.  I’m headed out soon to meet the rest of my group and our coordinator.

More to come soon, including a Costa Rican cooking class, a tour of Heredia, and the first day of school!


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